Leaves and Trees, Oh My!

Curvaceous, edged, tender and frail, some deep emerald, others pale. Long and slender, jagged and pointed, glossy coating, matte finish. A rustle in the leaves, nature’s perfection, without blemish. I spy with my little eye a red bird that lets out a sigh. The trees shake and shimmer as he bounces aloft. Another blissful morningContinue reading “Leaves and Trees, Oh My!”

On The Void

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I’m always thinking. Once upon a time, I was obsessed with learning, absorbing information and gaining a higher perspective on the world. And then, I was obsessed with creating, with breathing life into my dreams and crawling inside of the characters that filled my mind every waking moment. TheseContinue reading “On The Void”

My Ode to the Tatted-Up, Philosopher Pussy Magnet

He felt like home. His lips, the sweetest fruit I’ve ever tasted. He had a large frame, soft, cozy enough to burrow inside of to warm the edges of my frigid soul. He didn’t judge, didn’t impose. He just existed in all of his glory, a delicate statue waiting to be admired by the unluckyContinue reading “My Ode to the Tatted-Up, Philosopher Pussy Magnet”