Leaves and Trees, Oh My!

Curvaceous, edged, tender and frail, some deep emerald, others pale. Long and slender, jagged and pointed, glossy coating, matte finish. A rustle in the leaves, nature’s perfection, without blemish. I spy with my little eye a red bird that lets out a sigh. The trees shake and shimmer as he bounces aloft. Another blissful morningContinue reading “Leaves and Trees, Oh My!”

My Ode to the Tatted-Up, Philosopher Pussy Magnet

He felt like home. His lips, the sweetest fruit I’ve ever tasted. He had a large frame, soft, cozy enough to burrow inside of to warm the edges of my frigid soul. He didn’t judge, didn’t impose. He just existed in all of his glory, a delicate statue waiting to be admired by the unluckyContinue reading “My Ode to the Tatted-Up, Philosopher Pussy Magnet”