Leaves and Trees, Oh My!

Curvaceous, edged, tender and frail, some deep emerald, others pale. Long and slender, jagged and pointed, glossy coating, matte finish. A rustle in the leaves, nature’s perfection, without blemish. I spy with my little eye a red bird that lets out a sigh. The trees shake and shimmer as he bounces aloft. Another blissful morningContinue reading “Leaves and Trees, Oh My!”

on Paths and Tribulations

Before there was a path, there were shrubs. Stinging nettles and thorns to scratch at the ankles, snakes and scorpions hiding under foliage. Solid ground turned to soft, branches protruding from the earth to catch you off guard. Before there was a path, there was danger. We walked barefoot and cursed the unknown. We traveledContinue reading “on Paths and Tribulations”

On The Void

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I’m always thinking. Once upon a time, I was obsessed with learning, absorbing information and gaining a higher perspective on the world. And then, I was obsessed with creating, with breathing life into my dreams and crawling inside of the characters that filled my mind every waking moment. TheseContinue reading “On The Void”

Welcome to 21st Century Dating

Oh, how the sweetness has turned sour. How my words have twisted under misguided intentions and strings drawn tight, the tiniest fiddle playing for my honor. Ha ha ha. Poor soul. Poor me. Poor every sad creature that finds complexity appealing. It is not appealing, you know. Complexity breeds contradiction breeds indecisiveness breeds heartache. AndContinue reading “Welcome to 21st Century Dating”

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