Leaves and Trees, Oh My!

Curvaceous, edged, tender and frail,
some deep emerald, others pale.
Long and slender,
jagged and pointed,
glossy coating, matte finish.
A rustle in the leaves,
nature’s perfection,
without blemish.

I spy with my little eye
a red bird that lets out a sigh.
The trees shake and shimmer
as he bounces aloft.
Another blissful morning
with leaves so soft.

Ivy hangs down,
dew made of froth.
The whisper of the trees,
a delicate sound.
Grooves and crevices
like canyons, so deep,
and I wonder
if these leaves ever sleep.

Others are veiny,
brown fingers spreading out
like a spiders’ web
emerging from a sprout.
Deep hues are pleasant
as the eye beholds,
the forest comes to life
with stories untold.

Published by Atlas Beaumont

Writer, philosopher, sociologist. Day job in education. Lover of cats, coffee, cinema, and all things good.

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