Ruminations and Loss

I am no stranger to loss. Neither are you.

Grief lies somewhere between the hollowness in our chest and the weight of the world, bearing down on us in our most vulnerable moments. Grief finds us in the in quiet hours of the night when shadows mask our heartache and loneliness, or in the shower when scalding water envelopes you in a shroud of warmth as you finally let the tears flow freely.

Grief finds us in the bittersweet moment when a new friend makes you laugh, but you’re caught off guard. What if I lose them, too? What’s the point? I’ve felt this way before.

We stand at a crossroads.

The grief tugs at our waist, beckoning us to return to the comfortable shell we emerged from just moments ago.

The future stands at our feet, inviting us to let hope back in.

Published by Atlas Beaumont

Writer, philosopher, sociologist. Day job in education. Lover of cats, coffee, cinema, and all things good.

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